August 17, 2019

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer 2

whatculture: Perhaps it would have been better calling X-Men: Dark Phoenix something like X-Men: Spoiler Alert, because thanks to the second trailer that has just landed, there’s absolutely no way anyone is going to be able to avoid the big story reveal in the marketing.

With Fox’s hold on Marvel’s mutants ending this year (assuming there isn’t some major twist in the tale of the Disney/Fox deal, of course), we’re at the very tail-end of the First Class timeline and it’s going to end with a bang. Or a solar flare and some major casualties, to be more precise.

So far, the marketing for the film has been somewhat overshadowed by the fact that Fox seemed to be lacking confidence in their own movie, but now that the second teaser is out, we’re on the long, slippery slope towards its release in June and there’s now no turning back.

Source: whatculture

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