WWE: Elimination Chamber showcased Shayna Baszler

dailyddt: Last night’s WWE Elimination Chamber PPV was one for the books. Overall, there were some great matches and storytelling throughout the show.

One of the most talked about matches leading up to the PPV was the Raw women’s WWE Elimination Chamber match. The match ended up being the main event for the PPV which is always great for the women of WWE!

Aside from the predictable outcome of Shayna Baszler walking away the winner, a lot of people were thinking there would be a swerve. There wasn’t. In fact, the heat the match got on social media was loud and some people walked away unsatisfied.

A lot of people, including myself, felt that the other women should have been showcased more during the main event spot. While some got time before the caged lion Baszler was released, it just didn’t feel like enough.

The other storylines in this, which included the Riott Squad, barely received any attention. At most, the fact that Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan did not get their hands on one another not once in the Chamber could be purposeful because it’s a clash they could be saving for a later date.

However, our disappointments aside, the match was not about any of the other ladies. This match was for the sole purpose of showcasing Shayna Baszler. That was the intention and that is exactly what it did.

She was portrayed as an absolute unstoppable force of dominance. Her taking out Sarah Logan and Nattie and waiting for either Liv or Asuka’s pods to open, was a way of showing a lion stalking her prey. It built up anxiety and doubt not only for the audience watching, but the ladies in the Chamber.

Liv psyching herself up, Asuka beating her own chest; it was great character development and storytelling. Liv and Asuka were protected well here, both being put to sleep, both getting in solid offense – perhaps future feuds being set up?

Another element of storytelling some missed is that what took Becky Lynch 20-ish minutes to do in a grueling match with Asuka, took Shayna five-ish minutes and she barely broke a sweat. Keep in mind Asuka is partially injured right now, but the narrative stands. Shayna received the ultimate Brock-like booking last night and it worked.

People are pissed, people who didn’t want Becky Lynch as champ anymore are now changing their tune, some Becky Lynch fans are nervous, and Baszler received ultimate heat from the crowd.

Should it have been the Main Event? In my opinion, no. It should have been in the middle of the show OR as the Main Event they should’ve had Becky Lynch come to the ring after and do nothing but stare down Baszler. Becky with a cocky smile and Shayna standing in her Elimination Chamber boneyard, just to send the crowd home heated & ready for this match-up.

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