The Wonder Woman star ‘Gal Gadot’ praised Brie Larson and Captain Marvel

metro: Gal Gadot has praised Brie Larson on the success of Captain Marvel, with a super sweet Instagram post that featured a cartoon drawing of their two superheroes locking arms in friendship.

The artwork, by 17-year-old artist Maxy, was shared by Gal on Instagram and included a message to Brie which read: ‘I’m so happy for you, sister.’ Gal starred as Wonder Woman in DC Comics’ 2017 film of the same name, while Brie has become Marvel’s first lead female superhero in Captain Marvel.

Some movie goers have been quick to compare the two movies, but Gal’s post proves that these two classy ladies only have love for each other – and with over 30 modern-day superhero flicks featuring male leads, we’re certain two female-led films will be able to cope together just fine. Captain Marvel has smashed records at the box office, earning $455 million (£346 million) and scoring the biggest ever opening for a female-led film, but it definitely hasn’t had the smoothest journey to get there.

Trolls began flooding Rotten Romatoes with early negative reviews before it was even released, forcing the site to have to adjust its system to deal with the ‘uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling’, while YouTube’s algorithm had to be changed to filter out the sheer amount of trolling videos.

The site changed Brie Larson’s name to appear as a news search term, ensuring that only trust-worthy sources appeared when you search for the film and pushing down first-person rants against Brie and the film.

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