Woman who lost 340LBS shows off her body after skin removal surgery

dailymail: A formerly obese woman who shed 336lbs in two years is proudly showing off her figure on Instagram after having 13lbs of excess skin removed from her body.

Brittany May, 26, from Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, weighed 514lbs and had to use an industrial strength scale when she began her weight loss journey in June 2016, shedding a third of her weight in just 23 months.

The agricultural teacher, who has nearly 150,000 Instagram followers, has been documenting her weight loss on social media, including her recent surgery to have the excess skin removed off of her stomach and thighs.

Brittany told Women’s Health that she spent about a year searching for the right plastic surgeon before moving forward with the surgery.

‘I had four different consultations, but when I finally left an appointment feeling energized, I knew I had met my doctor,’ she said meeting her surgeon Dr. Alexander P. Moya for the first time.

‘My surgeon focused on tailoring the procedures to me and my weight loss, and understood my desire to remove all of what caused pain in one shot, since I couldn’t afford multiple surgeries,’ she explained.

‘I had loose skin on most parts of my body, but my main focus was the midsection and inner thighs. My surgeon and I decided on a corset body lift, which removed excess skin and reshaped my torso, and a medial thigh tuck to remove skin from my thighs.’

Brittany went under the knife on January 14, and on the day of her surgery, she took to Instagram to post a photo collage of her excess skin.

‘Today I tuck in my stomach for the final time,’ she wrote. ‘The array of emotions behind this moment are hard to put in words. I’m thankful for the fight this body has fought up until now, and I look forward to seeing where this new chapter leads.

‘I am thankful for all of you guys and your continued love and support,’ she added. ‘Thanks to you this dream of being free becomes a reality. I know the climb of this recovery mountain will be tough, but the view from the top will make it all worth it.’

Brittany told Women’s Health that her surgery took 13.5 hours, revealing that ‘there were nine feet of incisions made and a whopping 13lbs of skin removed.’

She has been proudly posting updates on her progress on Instagram, starting just one-week post-up.

At her heaviest, Brittany said she could barely make it through the day, admitting that ‘the smallest of tasks seemed like mountains.’

She couldn’t fit behind the wheel of her car, and she spent most of her time outside of work sitting on her couch. Her weight even started to impact her ability as a teacher, and she spent most of her days wishing for the dismissal bell.

When an old school friend reached out, saying they were concerned about her health and happiness, Brittany knew she had to take control of her situation.

She was too large to weigh herself on her scale at home, so she went to her dad’s workplace to use their industrial strength scale. There, she learned she weighed 514lbs.

‘I stood in almost shock, and new it was time to make a change. I needed to be a healthier me, it’s what I and my students deserved,’ she shared.

She began her weight loss journey on June 27, 2016, and incorporating healthy habits into her routine has been fundamental to her success.

As a follower of the Optavia Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan, Brittany eats six meals a day, consisting of five ‘Fueling’ meals and one ‘Lean and Green’ meal, which total 800-1000 calories.

The plan was created by doctors for maximum weight loss, and coaching is also provided. Within the first five months, Brittany had lost 100lbs.

She eventually got down to a size 14, a full 12 sizes smaller than she used to be.

Brittany has shared on her Instagram page that her new lifestyle has also positively impacted on her mental health.

‘As one who in the past struggled heavily with depression, I feel like the dark clouds have now dispersed. I wake up each day, anxious and ready to see what it has in store,’ she explained.

‘I know that I do not need to worry about the weight coming back. I am learning the tools necessary to maintain the progress past weight loss.

‘I am breaking the mental chains food once used to hold me captive. I am truly free to begin living my life!’

Brittany told Women’s Health that learning to love herself helped her widen her social circle, which led to her meeting her fiancé, Dwight.

‘I don’t wish being 514lbs on anyone, but I’m glad I went through it,’ she said.

”Being able to use my journey of escaping morbid obesity, and now helping others, has been a humbling experience.’

Source: Published by dailymail

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udeme umoh
udeme umoh
12 days ago

Super woman

Hassan faruuq opeyemi
Hassan faruuq opeyemi
6 days ago

Nice surgery.