Woman has no idea how she got pregnant while in Jail

nzherald: A woman who became pregnant during her 17-month stay in jail says she has no idea how it happened.

Relatives of Latoni Daniel, 26, believed she was drugged and then raped in an Alabama prison.

Daniel is set to give birth to her first child this month, according to local Alabama news outlet

She became pregnant while serving 17 months in jail at a Coosa County jail in Rockford, Alabama. She says she has no memory of having sex while in prison.

Her attorney, Mickey McDermott, believes she was raped while taking sedatives prescribed for the treatment of seizures.

However, her brother argues the woman, a US National Guard veteran, never had seizures before going to jail.

“It had to happen at night when she was unconscious after she took her medicine, because that’s when they gave her her medicine – at night,” her brother Terrell Ransaw told CBS.

“She’s giving birth to a child she didn’t plan to have. Nobody asks to be raped or drugged.

“Just because a person is locked up doesn’t mean they’re a bad person or did the crime you say they did.”

The pregnancy is reportedly under investigation.

Daniel was in prison after being accused of being the getaway driver in a fatal shooting. She is charged with capital murder. She has been transferred to a different jail.

Source: Published by nzherald

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