Woman mistakes dynamite for candle

A Connecticut woman is recovering in hospital, after mistaking a stick of dynamite for a candle during a power outage. Katrina Gutierrez didn’t realise her mistake until the dynamite exploded in her hand, injuring her face, chest and arms. She is planning to sue the former owner of her home for leaving the explosive in the basement.

Dismembered foot washed up on Canadian beach
Officials in Canada are investigating a dismembered foot that has washed up on a beach in British Columbia. Local media reports that it is the 15th foot to have been found in the region. Ten of the feet have been matched to missing people, while five of the feet – still clad in their shoes – remain a mystery.

Crystal meth a popular Lunar New Year gift in North Korea
A rising trend in North Korea has seen many young people giving each other powerful amphetamines as Lunar New Year gifts. Use of the drug, known locally as “pingdu”, which translates as “ice drug”, is quite common, according to experts, despite being illegal to produce or consume.


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