Will WWE Wrestlemania 36 be cancelled because of Coronavirus?

mykhel: Bengaluru, March 12: The Corona Virus pandemic continues to leave its impact in the world of sports including WWE. With the biggest event of the year just around the corner, the company has to monitor the situation after a recent outbreak of the deadly virus was noted. This, in turn, started speculations if Wrestlemania 36 will get canceled or not.

WWE had no plans whatsoever to withdraw or postpone the ‘show of shows’ due to the Corona Virus impact. But, the city of Tampa might have other plans. As noted by Ryan Bass, the city of Tampa will have a meet on Thursday (March 12) to discuss canceling or postponing “major” events. However, the statement didn’t specifically mention Wrestlemania 36.

But considering the phenomenon this particular show is and with it set to drag thousands of fans to the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, the IWC could not stop talking about a potential cancellation. So, in the latest tweet, put out in the City of Tampa official handle, it was clearly mentioned that Wrestlemania is still ‘planned to go on as scheduled.’

On behalf of WWE, Stephanie McMahon has released a recent statement during WrestleMania 36 Luncheon event saying that the ‘show of shows’ will go on as per the schedule. Their company officials will be monitoring the situation and act accordingly for the safety of talent and fans. As a precautionary measure, WWE issued a ‘no touching policy’ for all the fans who will be attending the Wrestlemania 36 Axxess event at the Tampa Convention Center during the first April weekend. Fans will get to meet their favorite superstars and take selfies during that day, but that is unlikely to happen this year. Already, The Bella Twins have pulled their names from this gathering due to the Coronavirus issue.

Additional reports from PWInsider.com suggests that WWE has canceled this week’s taping of SmackDown on FOX and 205 Live on WWE Network from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, owing to the Corona Virus. This week’s episode of NXT also aired from WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. However, it was scheduled a long time ago which does not have anything to do with safety measures related to the virus. The reassurance that Wrestlemania 36 is set to happen as per schedule was further received from a Hall of Famer. During a recent appearance on Cerrito Live, Jerry “The King” Lawler sounded positive that the show set for April 5th should not be affected by Corona Virus, “I don’t think it’s gonna affect WrestleMania at all. I’m not trying to downplay it or anything like that.

When you listen to what has happened in the past, it’s almost like a cycle. These kinds of things happen every now and then,” Lawler said. “There’s nothing you can do about it except react to it as best as we can. “I can remember all these other types of influenza viruses. We’ve had just the regular flu come around every year that’s killed a bunch of people. You can get vaccinated for it. You can do whatever you can. Everybody tries to be as healthy as possible.” (courtesy wrestlingINC.com)

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