dawn: Robin Williams famously voiced the big blue genie in the 1992 animated classic Aladdin. For Disney’s live action version of the same, Will Smith was roped in to do Williams’ role and the former paid a sweet tribute to the late actor.

He shared an image of the two genies on Instagram, and wrote, “I know Genies don’t have Feet… But you left some Big Shoes to fill,” the 50-year-old wrote of the comedy legend, who died in 2014. “R.I.P., Robin!”

The Aladdin trailer, which came out earlier this week, has people talking and for all the right reasons. First, it’s bright, vibrant and full of magic just like the Aladdin we know, the scenes with Aladdin and Jasmin are adorable and the CGI work is quite refined.

However, Will Smith doesn’t bring anything new or different to the table, he’s his usual self, which has been a hit or miss for most. And the action in the film is unfortunately the most engaging.

Aladdin hits theatres May 21 and we hope the film manages to live up to its promise.

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