October 14, 2019

When Will Avengers: Endgame Trailer 2 Arrive?

It hasn’t been all that long since the first trailer for the Russos’ game-changing ensemble, Avengers: Endgame, landed and everyone lost their minds and pretended to spot Groot as they hungrily tried to rush to decipher every frame of every shot of it. Since then, the Internet has been awash with speculation and rumours blossoming out of the teaser and the hype is very much real.

And to think, this is only the first real step in a marketing campaign that will start to pick up more pace into 2019, giving us even more cause for excitement. Even though Marvel could literally just turn off all thre advertising now and wait until release day and lose precisely none of the ticket sales they’ve already guaranteed, we’ll get more trailers. More teasers. More spoilers.

So, when will the second trailer arrive? That’s the real question.

There are some metrics we can look at that might suggest a release date. Firstly, precedent. Avengers: Infinity War released its first trailer in November ahead of its April release, with a second trailer released during the Super Bowl. Endgame’s first trailer came at the start of December and the release date is April too, so it seems reasonable to expect a similar sort of release pattern.

The fact that the Infinity War trailer was viewed 17.6million times when it aired (according to The Hollywood Reporter) and generated the most social media buzz of any Super Bowl commercial released that night also suggests that it was incredibly useful. Even despite how much the Super Bowl slots cost studios.

Marvel have aired something at each of the last three Super Bowls for their early summer releases – Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Infinity War – and they also aired a “new look” at Captain Marvel during the NCAAF Championship game. So they seem to have a pattern.

The Super Bowl spot is more likely to be a 30-second teaser rather than a full trailer, but that may not come too long afterwards. The problem here, though, is that Captain Marvel comes first and has a heavier marketing load than Infinity War. So Marvel MAY choose to air another teaser in that spot instead.

Even if that’s not the case and we do get a new TV spot for Endgame, it’s unlikely there’ll be anything particularly revelatory. Kevin Feige has mostly confirmed that the trailer only showed 20 minutes of the film, so we can expect a similar approach. Something that includes a little new footage and recuts what we’ve already seen is the most likely.

But expecting it to come with the Super Bowl is probably correct at this stage.

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