Welcome to the Tao Community

This is the introduction to what is known as the Tao blockchain community. You are formally invited to participate in what will be the future of the music industry. More than the music industry, we hope to expand to all faucets of the entertainment industry.

We begin with what is important, NuRave. Nu-rave is a branch of music with an ethics of raving: Being free, feeling free, and spreading freedom. It is part of nuskool to think in this manner.

If you are a worthy participant, we urge that you run a Tao node on the network and participate in our ecosystem. The Tao community will be made up of artists and designers that are in dire need of sharing their work. And more than just sharing their work, they will raise the worth of the art when it is contributed to the Tao cooperative we hope to grow.

Welcome to the future and most importantly, strap on your seat belts because this ride has just begun.

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