Wayne Rooney has gone sober

heatworld: We never thought we’d hear the words “sober” and “Wayne Rooney” in the same sentence. But it seems the footballer is making changes in his life, with a report last week saying wife Coleen “now thinks the marriage is stronger than ever”.

The family moved back from America last year, and Wayne now plays for and coaches Derby County. A source has said, “The switch has turned out to be a really positive one for the whole family. Wayne was drinking and gambling a lot, but he’s knocked those things on the head. He’ll have the odd glass of wine, but he’s determined to live the right way.”

After Wayne was arrested for public intoxication in December 2018, Coleen put him on a strict booze-free diet. At the time, heat was told Coleen was determined to keep her husband, whose issues with alcohol have been well-documented, out of rehab.

“Coleen thinks that, by keeping a closer on eye on him, she can fix this herself,” we were told.

And it seems her determination paid off: an insider recently said that Wayne has since been a much better father to his boys – Kai, ten, Klay, six, Kit, four, and two-year-old Cass.

“Wayne has always been a great dad, but he helps out more than ever now with things like the homework,” said a source.

Meanwhile, Wayne could soon have even more daddy duties to deal with.

“They aren’t ruling out having another child,” the source said. “Coleen has never made any secret of the fact she’d love a little girl.”

Source: Published by heatworld

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Anthony Anyanwu
Anthony Anyanwu
5 days ago

Yes he is very matured now and their love is more stronger

AREO Abiodun
AREO Abiodun
4 days ago

This story is very interesting about ronney

Omenogor Lucky
Omenogor Lucky
3 days ago

What a great player.