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Warning: There will be a global climate emergency leading to untold suffering

hurriyetdailynews: An international group of more than 11,000 scientists warned in a letter published on Nov. 5 of an ongoing “climate emergency” that could lead to “untold suffering” if it is not turned back.

In their letter five scientists, and thousands of co-signatories, said not only has the climate crisis already begun, but it is “accelerating faster than most scientists expected.”

“It is more severe than anticipated, threatening natural ecosystems and the fate of humanity,” Drs. William Ripple, Christopher Wolf, Thomas Newsome, Phoebe Barnard and William Moomaw wrote in the letter published on the Bioscience peer-reviewed scientific journal.

“Especially worrisome are potential irreversible climate tipping points and nature’s reinforcing feedbacks (atmospheric, marine, and terrestrial) that could lead to a catastrophic ‘hothouse Earth,’ well beyond the control of humans.”

The letter hones in on six main areas of concern ranging from energy to food and population, saying that despite decades of climate talks “we have generally conducted business as usual and have largely failed to address this predicament.”

The authors stated they are “encouraged” by a recent increase in concern regarding climate change, citing governmental actions and student protests among other developments, but go on to say “the prospects will be greatest if decision-makers and all of humanity promptly respond to this warning and declaration of a climate emergency.”

The letter’s publication comes one day after U.S. President Donald Trump begun the process to quit Washington’s participation in the landmark Paris climate accord, which seeks to fight climate change by mutual reductions in climate emissions.

Trump had repeatedly lambasted the pact, and took the action to withdrawal on the first day possible under the complex rules that govern its implementation.

Source: Published by hurriyetdailynews

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