August 24, 2019
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US-led Jets Attack Syrian Regime Military Position

Syrian regime media said US-led jets attacked a military position near the battle front against the last ISIS pocket east of the Euphrates late on Saturday, causing damage and injuries.

“US coalition aircraft launched an aggression this evening against one of our army formations operating in the Albukamal area in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor,” local media cited military source as saying early on Sunday.

The attack injured two soldiers and destroyed an artillery piece, the source added.

The US-led coalition against ISIS could not be immediately reached for comment. It has previously denied striking Syrian regime targets in that area.

ISIS now holds only a couple of villages in Syria, having lost almost all its territory in 2017 to two rival offensives, one by the US-led coalition with local fighters, and one by the Syrian regime and allied militia backed by Russia, Reuters reported.

The militant group also holds an enclave of desert surrounded by the Syrian regime in the center of the country.

Source: aawsat

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