July 18, 2019

Type 2 diabetes: Three exercises to help prevent high blood sugar levels

TYPE 2 diabetes is a common condition in the UK which causes a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high. Left untreated, serious health complications can occur. To prevent and control the condition, three exercises are recommended.

Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition which can lead to nerve damage, kidney problems and cardiovascular disease if left untreated. But simple lifestyle changes can help keep your blood sugar levels normal, such as more exercise. Lack of exercise can lead to being overweight, which can then affect the body’s ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels. But what type of exercise is most effective?

Three exercises it recommends are:

  • Walking quickly
  • Cycling on flat ground
  • A leisurely swim

    Alternatively, the 150 minutes exercise a week can also be broken down into 15 minutes of vigorous activity five days a week, says the diabetes charity.

It says: “Vigorous activity means your breathing is fast and you have difficulty talking.

“It’s things like running, cycling fast or up hills or fast swimming.”

You should also try to fit in activities that improve your muscle strength two or more days a week, it adds.

This can include heavy gardening, carrying the shopping or a bit of yoga.

A study by Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark found HIIT can play a part in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes by keeping blood glucose levels within a healthy range.

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