January 28, 2020
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Trump Slams the Democrats, calling them a Ridiculous B**t**h

sputniknews: US President Trump roasted his opponents from the Democratic Party during his Make America Great Again rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for pushing ahead with the Russian meddling allegations, calling the investigations against him “ridiculous bullshit”.

While 45 has never been known to skimp on the “damns” and “hells” in his speeches, this kind of rhetoric is harsh even by Trump’s standards, a New York Times report notes.

“The Democrats will have now to decide whether they want to continue defrauding the public with the ridiculous bulls**t”, Trump said Thursday to massive cheers of the audience. “…partisan investigations, or whether they will apologise to the American people and join us to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, bring down the cost of health care and prescription drugs […] help us fix our broken trade deals”.

“After three years of lies and smears and slander, the Russia hoax is finally dead”, Mr Trump declared. “They’re on artificial respirators right now, they’re giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation”, he added, speaking about his political opponents.

He hinted at his earlier statement that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian meddling amounts to treason, and that had the Republicans done the same to President Obama, “100 people would be in jail”.

“We can’t have two different standards of justice in our country”, Trump said at the rally, adding that current standards allow “the left-wing radical establishment get away with anything they want”.

“The Russia hoax proves more than ever that we need to finish what we came here for — drain the swamp”, he added.

He then switched to listing the successes of the current administration, which included re-shaping the trade balance with China.

“We got up, they got down, but we want them to be healthy,” Trump said about China, US’s largest trade partner. “We want them to be happy and healthy.”

“And by the way, we are building that wall”, the president concluded, which sent the audience into chants of “Build that wall”.

Trump has declared a national emergency over the acute migrant crisis on the US-Mexican border, which Congress unsuccessfully attempted to override. Under the national emergency powers, Trump will redirect some $7 billion from the Pentagon and the Treasury Department to building the border barrier along the southern border.

Source: Published by sputniknews

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