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Trump? No No. Angela Merkel gives Barack Obama a verymuch warm welcome

nzherald: Everyone knows relations between Angel Merkel and Donald Trump are a little chilly.

But if anyone needed reminding that the German Chancellor and US President don’t see eye to eye, yesterday’s meeting between Merkel and Barack Obama should quickly clear things up.

Merkel, 64, played host to the former US president in Berlin – and the warmth of the relationship was in stark contrast to previous meetings with the man who currently resides in the White House.

Images of the Merkel and Obama get-together show them embracing and smiling, while inside the meeting, that lasted more than an hour, Obama at one point pats Merkel on the back.

Obama has even said Merkel was one of his “favourite partners” during his time in office and his last international trip as president was to Germany in November 2016.

A year later, the former Democratic Party leader told a crowd in Berlin of the “outstanding work” across the world Merkel had undertaken.

The former president arrived in Germany yesterday and made a speech to 14,000 people at the World Leadership Summit in Lanxess Arena, Cologne.

Yesterday, the pair were believed to have discussed Trans-Atlantic relations during the hour and a half exchange – and Merkel showed her appreciation with a hug and a kiss on Obama’s cheek.

It comes as a turbulent relationship between Germany and the US continues, with Trump lashing out at Merkel for lowering the country’s military spending to below Nato targets.

US ambassador Richard Grenell said the cuts were a “worrisome signal”, while President Trump repeatedly accused Germany of freeloading on US military might.

Source: Published by nzherald

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