October 24, 2019
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Trump jumped 51 spots in Forbes’ranking of the wealthiest people in the world

pulse: President Donald Trump jumped 51 spots in its latest edition of Forbes’ annual Worlds Billionaires list, despite the president’s net worth not budging.

The 2019 Forbes list ranks Trump at 715, up from 766 on 2018’s list. According to the magazine, Trump’s net worth did not budge from last year remaining at $3.1 billion but a decline in the overall number and net worth of billionaires helped push the president up the list.

The jump also comes a year after Trump fell more than 200 spots between 2017 and 2018 due to a decline in the value of the president’s real estate portfolio and a drop in revenue at his golf club properties.

According to Forbes, Trump is the first billionaire to be president in US history.

Jonathan Greenberg, the author of the original Forbes 400 list, alleged in August that Trump gave Forbes false information in the early years of the list to inflate the then-real estate mogul’s net worth. Greenberg said Trump even used an alter ego in 1984 in an attempt to get the magazine to boost his worth even more.

Decades later, around the time time of Trump’s presidential announcement in 2015, the then-candidate claimed to be worth around $9 billion more than double the $4.1 billion net worth that Forbes estimated at the time.

As for the 2019 list, Trump ranks well behind the wealthiest man on the list and frequent target of the president’s ire Jeff Bezos. Forbes estimated the Amazon CEO is worth $131 billion, roughly 42 times the net worth of the president.

Source: pulse

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