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Trump demands personal apology from New York Times after anti-semitic cartoon

independent: Donald Trump has suggested that the New York Times should really apologise to him personally, after the newspaper issued an apology for printing an anti-semitic cartoon in its international editions.

Mr Trump, a man who is known for his disparaging remarks of the media and the New York paper, said on Twitter that the news organisation’s coverage of him has been slanted and damaging.

“The New York Times has apologised for the terrible Anti-Semitic Cartoon, but they haven’t apologised to me for this or all of the Fake and Corrupt news they print on a daily basis. They have reached the lowest level of ‘journalism,’ and certainly a low point in @nytimes history!” he tweeted.

The tweet followed after the paper printed a cartoon depicting Mr Trump as a blind man wearing a skull cap, and being led by a dog version of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The cartoon stirred fury internationally, and the paper was forced to issue a rare apology for printing the image.

Mr Trump has fostered a tight working relationship with Mr Netanyahu since taking over the Oval Office just over two years ago, giving the Israeli leader several major victories that he has sought for years

That included pulling US involvement in the Iran nuclear agreement, and moving the US embassy to Israel into Jerusalem — a move that other presidents had notably refused.

Source: Published by independent

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