July 18, 2019

S*x robots could RUIN marriages as men are been satisfied by them

Obviously January is typically considered the most difficult time of year for couples whose marriages are under strain by the pressures and frustrations of their family lives.

Divorce lawyers expect a spike in enquiries from couples looking to part ways after the Christmas period as tensions over children and finances reach boiling point.

A lack of s*x can be a contributing factor in the breakdown of a relationship, marriage psychologist Dr Becky Spelman told Daily star Online.

She said: Typically, couples start their relationship feeling intensely attracted to one another, and have lots of s*x, which can then taper off as the initial excitement of the relationship wanes, or as factors such as work responsibilities and children absorb more of their emotional energy.

She said, as artificially intelligent s*x robots become more commonplace, couples looking to resolve this issue may look to experiment with technology in the bedroom.

Dr Spelman, a relationship expert for s*x toy brand We Vibe, said couples would need to be on the same page in terms of their preferences and boundaries for s*x robots to “have a role”.

Providing they are “both interested in the idea”, she said, s*x robots could “change their marriage”.

However, striking a more cautious tone, Dr Spelman said androids could cause emotional angst and turmoil, driving a wedge between couples looking to reconcile.

She said: “However, that’s a big ‘perhaps’ because, unlike run-of-the-mill s*x toys, s*x robots are designed to emulate human beings to an extraordinary degree, and may trigger feelings of love, protection, anger, and more, and become objects of obsession.”

Psychological therapist Dr Thaddeus Birchard told Daily Star Online that life-like robots featuring AI could be another outlet for s*x addicts to express their compulsion.

Dr Birchard, clinical director of the Marylebone Centre for Psychological Therapies, said a s*x addict is comparable to an alcoholic in that they’re seeking escapism.

Although cyborgs might not necessarily increase s*x addiction, Dr Birchard said, they serve the same purpose as alcohol for people with drinking issues.

“It would just be another way of expressing s*xual activity or addiction,” Dr Birchard, author of Overcoming S*xual Addiction – A Self Help Guide, said.

“S*x addiction is a way to anaesthetise hard to bear feeling states.”

Companies making s*x robots, including US-based Realbotix and Synthea Amatus from Spain, have made claims about the potential health and social benefits of their creations.

Matt McMullen, CEO and founder of Realbotix, said his main goal as a s*x robot maker is to give joy to people who “have difficulty forming traditional relationships”.

Replacing the prostitution industry with s*x robots has also been cited as an ambition by McMullen, one of the world’s preeminent producers of erotic cyborgs.

Artificial intelligence expert Dr David Levy, author of Love and S*x with Robots, has also said androids will “significantly reduce the incidents of STIs”.

But academics and the scientific community have criticised s*x robot producers, whose top-end androids with the ability to speak can cost up to £11,000.

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