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A strange Mysterious bright light appears in the skies

metro: Footage showing a ball of light streaking across the Russian night sky has been caught by the dashcam of a local driver. The mysterious UFO changed colour from green to yellow as it blazed overhead in a remote part of the Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia. It’s the same area of Russia that was hit by the Tunguska meteor in 1908 – a blast that was calculated to have a destructive power 185 times greater than the bomb that decimated Hiroshima in the Second World War.

While experts believe that this footage also shows a meteor, no conclusive evidence has yet been found. No debris has been found, although onlookers said it appeared to be heading for a crash landing. Pyotr Bondarev, from Tura village, near where the flash was seen, said: ‘The night got bright and warm, as if a giant light bulb was switched on in the sky’. ‘It was about 7.30pm, it was dark. I was outside having a walk with my wife and children, when the sky flashed green and yellow. ‘Many people saw it and got very excited.’

According to reports, the bright light was seen as far as 250 miles away. Krasnoyarsk Kirensky Physics University researcher Sergey Karpov said it was likely a small meteorite.

‘Most likely it was something up to 10 centimetres [4inches] in diameter’,’ he said. But this has not been confirmed by the Russian authorities.

Source: Published by metro

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