August 22, 2019

Why do we sometimes remember our dreams?

This is a very good question and it is one for which there is no satisfactory answer based on our current understanding of the brain. One thing studies have told us, though, is that dreams seem to happen more vividly and frequently during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of the sleep cycle, which tends to occur roughly four to five times in a normal night’s sleep.

It has been reported by several studies that you are much more likely to remember the dream you were having if you are woken in the middle of this REM cycle. So if you would like to remember your dreams more frequently, you could try setting your alarm clock to go off in the middle of your REM sleep cycle (likely to be near the end of your night’s sleep) and write down what you remember.

Well some people might want to remember their dreams, as this dream might not worth remembering, we call such dreams a horror dream. But then there some dreams that tends to pass a message, we dream this over and over again, but often atimes forget about the whole or some interesting part of the dream. This is the type of dreams you might want to imply this logic formula, and do as well to keep writing materials close to you, so as to remember atlist 70-80% of the dream.

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