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Some are Only Humble because they are Broke

The only way to truly know someone is only when they have enough money or when their level had change from poor to rich, or better still when their level has grown way above your level.


Some people are only humble because they are broke, yes. This kind of people are everywhere. No wonder a saying says: not everything that glitters is gold. Some people can be very humble when they know they need something from you or when they are in need of your help, or when they know they are achieving something from you, but the very moment their level becomes above yours, and they know they no longer need you, watch out; they become so proud and behave like kings and queens, they set their selves so high above everyone below their present standards.

No wonder God himself is afraid of blessing some people with riches, so that they cannot use that to rebel against him.

When you are blessed with riches, you ought to take it as a big opportunity for your life here and beyond, riches are meant to sponsor the kingdom of God, use it for the betterment of the kingdom and the word of God to spread across the universe, and out of this riches God has given to you, he still is not asking for all, nor is he even asking for half of it.

when your riches is used to spread the word and to support the kingdom of God, you are only doing yourself good, not just here on earth, but the everlasting life thereafter. Some never had this opportunity, but you have and you are wasting it on earthly things alone.


Some use their riches to oppress others, some store their riches on earth, some even bury it underground this days. Common, open up your eyes, get off your high horse, be humble as a normal human being and stop behaving like a god over others because of earthly wealth that God himself owns.

We must learn to be humble. The more we are richer, the more humble we should become, our life on earth cannot be bought by any amount of money.

For those whom are currently broke, you definitely will get rich, when you get their, be humble, be wise, help other human beings along your path, support the kingdom of God, use it to bail yourself from condemnation of the kingdom of darkness, instead use it for the kingdom of Light

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