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Reading, Commenting and Sharing on News Posts Everyday for the duration of 30days on Goal300 Earns you upto #300,00 Monthly. No Registration Fee, No Sign Up

How Can i Register?

No Registration fee, No Sign Up. All you need is to read through a post and drop comments, it will require you to input your Names and Emails, that is the information we will use to track your daily activities for duration of 30days, after which we make payments directly to your Bank Account.

How Does Goal300 Track My Daily Activities of Reading, Commenting, and Sharing?

We track your daily Reading, commenting and sharing using our tracking systems, make sure to use your Full names and Email when commenting on Each Posts. We use that to know each individuals daily activities.

How Many Posts, can i Read, Comment, and Share Daily?

You can read, comment and share as much posts as you can everyday.

Will i also Earn if i reply to someone’s comments?

Yes, replying to important comments is more powerful than commenting on posts itself, you earn more than post comments when you reply to an important comments. Both the person who commented and the person that replied to the comment earns.

Important Post Reading Tips

You have to genuinely and carefully read each posts to your best interest, and make comments relevant to the post, else it won’t be counted as valid reading and commenting.

Important Comments Post for new Members

We have a spam checking system that helps controls and keep the platform in check  and in accordance to the rules and regulations of the website platform. On posting a comment when you encounter the “spam checking system” do not worry about it, you can move on to trying other posts until you make a successful comment.

Important Comments Post for Existing members/Employees

Since the system has already registered you, When you encounter the “spam checking system”, you can move on to reading, commenting, sharing, replying and commenting on other posts.

Where can i share Goal300 posts?

You can share on your Facebook timeline, Facebook groups, WhatsApp friends, WhatsApp groups, Twitter, Telegram friends and Telegram groups.

Will i Earn if i refer Someone?

There is no referral bonus

How Many Mega Byte (MB) Does the Website Consume from Me?

We have programmed the website to use very little amount of Mega Bytes (MB), the Website does not consume much MB.

How Long Until i Get Paid?

It takes 30days of daily activities before you get paid, when you skip one day, it’s not a problem, you can still recover the next day until 30days is fully recorded.

Where is my Dashboard? and How Do i See my Earning?

We operate differently, once we start tracking your daily valid activities, it’s already seem you’re employed, all your earnings are recorded and paid monthly according to your daily or 30days activities of genuinely reading, commenting and sharing on posts.

No Duplicate Email

You are urge to use only one email, every duplicate email will not be counted as valid.

How Do i Get Paid?

We will Request your Bank Account Details using the Email you use in commenting on posts. And pay you your monthly stipends directly to your local bank Account.

How Do You Request my Bank Account Details?

We will request your bank account details using the email you use in commenting on posts.

How much do i earn per post per comments and per shares?

We operate differently, we don’t pay per post, per comment or per shares, here we treat our users as employees, we pay according to your valid daily reading, commenting and sharing activities after 30days of active work.

Do i have to be inputting my Email each time i make a comments on different posts?

No, you don’t, at the comment section, you will see name and email, once you insert for the first time, it will automatically save your details, that will automatically recognize you each time you make comments, you won’t need to input your name and email again. Your name and email provided will also be saved on our tracking systems.

Can i earn from both old and new posts?

Yes, you can earn from all new and old posts

How long will Goal300 continue paying it’s users?

We intend to continue this program as long as the company exists. We intend to grow monthly with our users which we see as employees.

Those it Apply to All other Countries?

No, this is only applied to Nigerian Citizens living in Nigeria.

I have Read Everything, How do i Get Started?

We see you as our employee. You have to genuinely read on each posts to your best interest, before commenting. Your comments should go with the posts content, all irrelevant posts reading, sharing and comments will not be counted. To Get Started always visit the website directly GOAL300.COM, you can also save it at the Homepage of your browser for easy daily access.

TESTIMONY – For safety purposes, we don’t disclose any info of our employees testimony’s. Below are Few Selected Testimony’s 



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