September 23, 2019

Ring rope breaks during WWE title match at Live Event

WWE wrestlers take to the ring more than the one time during RAW or SmackDown every week. The Superstars of RAW and SmackDown put on live shows across the USA during the week, putting on some incredible matches for the fans.

On one show this week, in a match for the WWE Championship between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan, there was a slight issue as the ring ropes broke during the match.

Styles and Bryan have had an engaging rivalry, with both Superstars giving or taking no quarter. Bryan won the WWE title in November after defeating Styles at a SmackDown show. The WWE Champion then went on to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, in a champion vs champion match.

Styles would get his rematch at the TLC PPV, but Bryan won the match and kept his title. The feud has taken a new turn with Bryan embracing an environmentalist, anti-capitalism gimmick that has surprised many.

Meanwhile, Styles was riled up by Vince McMahon on SmackDown after the WWE Chairman slapped the former WWE Champion which has led to Styles showing his devilish side.

In a Live Event show in Omaha, Nebraska, AJ Styles faced off against Daniel Bryan in a WWE Championship match, and during the match the middle ring rope broke.

The match continued, with Styles cutting a promo about Omaha steaks, and then returning to the ring to use the ring rope as a whip! Bryan too used the broken rope to inflict damage to Styles’ body.

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