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Prince Harry Caused The Palace To Panic as he reportedly went missing

latintimes: Prince Harry was rumored to have caused the Palace to panic after he went missing for 48 hours after his polo match with Prince William. A source revealed that no one could contact the Duke of Sussex at that time.

“Harry was basically uncontactable for 48 hours and everyone was frantic with worry,” the source said. Prince Harry participated in the polo match with his older brother, Prince William. His wife, Meghan Markle, and son, Archie, were also there to support him.

Even though Prince Harry was photographed smiling and caressing his son’s head at the polo match, an onlooker said that the royal also looked uptight during the outing. The source added that Prince Harry seemingly looked at the Duchess of Sussex with disdain.

“It’s clear there are things on his mind and that he’s not happy with Meghan Markle,” the source said. The “Suits” alum was also criticized after the polo match when royal fans claimed that she didn’t carry her son properly.

Meanwhile, the source revealed that Prince Harry just walked out after the incident without informing his aides where he was headed. Prince William and Meghan were the only two people who knew his whereabouts.

“He walked out and just took off,” the source said. “He switched off his phone and ditched his security detail, so he was impossible to trace. Of course, no one knew what was going on and everyone was worried something terrible had happened.”

Luckily, Prince Harry is doing well. Days after his polo match, the new dad stepped out with his wife to watch the London premiere of the “Lion King.” While there, the royal couple had the chance to meet Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

However, Prince Harry once again made headlines following the premiere for an entirely different reason. An etiquette expert criticized the royal for wearing a ready-made bow tie to the event.

“Do we agree that Prince Harry’s bowtie this evening at #lionkingpremiere looks a bit ready-made?’” William Hanson tweeted. One royal fan

said that Meghan should check Prince Harry’s clothes first before going out.

Another royal fan said that standards matter. But several others also came to the duke’s defense by saying that he looks perfect in anything he wears.

Source: Published by latintimes

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