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paul pogba net worth

See Manchester United Player, Paul Pogba Net Worth as at 2019:

Paul Pogba is a 25 year old professional footballer. He plays for the French national team and also for Manchester United in the English premier league, in both places he plays in the midfield position. Pogba was once a child prodigy, and now at 25 he’s a well sought after midfielder.

How Much Does Paul Pogba Earn

His current contract at old Trafford pays£ 290,000 weekly and over $20 million annually, making him one of the highest paid players in the world today. According to Forbes Pogba is the 52nd highest paid athlete in the world, and the fifth highest paid footballer in the world. Trailing behind Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale,Brazilian Aceman Neymar jr, Juventus most popular signing in a long while Cristiano Ronaldo and of course Lionel Messi.

Before we delve deeper into the French man’s net worth, let’s see a bit about his past and how he got to be one of the highest earning soccer players.

So How did He Get Here

In 2016 Pogba became the most expensive player in the world when he transferred for a record fee of £89 million from Juventus to Old Trafford. Off course, not many thought he was worth such an amount of money, seeing that Juventus had paid a meager £1.5 million when they bought him from Manchester United.
Pogba actually got a lot of backlash when he refused to extend his deal with Manchester United and opted instead to go to Italy. Well, the young man wasn’t getting enough play time, so how was he going to develop into the player that would command so much money? That move definitely paid off handsomely, he’s the 5th highest paid footballer in the world, it’s no mean feat.

Brief History About Pogba and His Net Worth.

Pogba was born in Lagny-Sur-Marne France in 1993 that makes him 25 years old. His parent were originally from Conakryin Guinea, a French speaking West African country. They moved to France in search as greener pastures, and that was where Paul Pogba was born.

He started playing football at an early as age and at that age he had the makings of a star footballer. At 6 years of age he joined his first football club ‘US Roissy-en-Brie’, and then from there the child prodigy moved to ‘US Torcy’ where he led the under 13 side of the club. From US Torcy he’ll then move to the prestigious Le Havre. At Le Havre, Pogba got international exposure which then saw him move to the English Premier League.
He played his first march in England in 2009, this was no too long after joining Manchester United, and he then climbed the ladder from playing for the U-18 side until 2012 when he then debuted for the senior team. That same year he left England to go all the way to Italy to play for Juventus.

One of the first times the young man really caught my attention was when he scored against the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the 2014 world cup in Brazil, that was in the group of 16 match. Then again at the just concluded world cup, he shined again. Not for his pitch heroics, there weren’t really much, but for his off pitch motivational skills. At the end of the world cup a certain video surfaced on social media. It showed Pogba and his team mates just a few minutes to the final match against Croatia. With his words Pogba motivated his teammates to go out there and want the world cup more than the Croatians and win it for the people of France. The rest they say is history.
Truly the young man has been vilified at other times, but after his words in the dressing room, you just have to look at him in a better light.

Paul Pogba’s Net Worth

So what is Pogba’s net worth for 2019? Let’s take a look at the figures. Pogba signed a contract with the Red Devils that would see him pocket a salary of over $20 millilon annually, until 2021. The young man, however, doesn’t have a lot of endorsement deals due to the kind of contract he signed with Manchester United.
He’s had only one endorsement deal and it is with sport apparel manufacturer, Adidas. The deal is supposed to last 10 years and it is worth $44 million.
So putting all these together including other bonuses Pogba gets, he’s worth approximately $85 million.

Paul Pogba’s Philanthropic Works.

Pogba has his own charity organization called Pogba foundation, it was launched in 2017. The mission of the foundation is to “make the world a better place and inspire others to do the same.
When he was in Juventus he donated €100,000 pounds to the International Red Cross. He’s also partnered with Manchester United in their charity efforts and was even involved in MesutOzil’s Big Shoe 11 charity campaign, where he paid for surgery for 11 Tanzanian children.
So there you have it, Paul Pogba’s Net worth. What do you think, let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

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