July 19, 2019
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Nigerian politician “Atiku” banned from the US Trump’s DC hotel after paying $1.1 million to GOP lobbying firm

he former vice president of Nigeria was allowed entry into the United States after paying $1.1 million to a lobbying firm linked to the White House, Popular Info reported Monday.

President George W. Bush signed Presidential Proclamation 7750 in 2004 which banned entry into the United States for people “engaged in or benefiting from corruption.”

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar who is running for President in the February 16 election  has not been able to visit the United States for twelve years.

On Thursday, Atiku checked into President Donald Trump’s Washington, DC hotel.

A bipartisan Senate report said that from 2000 to 2008, Atiku’s wife helped him bring $40 million in “suspect funds” including at least $1.7 million in bribes into the United States.

Republican lobbyist Brian Ballard, who is close to the Trump White House, signed a $1.1 million per year contract to represent Atiku’s political party, The People’s Democratic Party. Former principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah joined Ballard’s firm last week.

Watch video of Atiku checking into Trump’s hotel:

Source: www.rawstory.com

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