Neymar begs and cries for Barcelona transfer return

express: Neymar shocked the world when he left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain for a world-record £198million fee.

The attacker struggled to adjust to life in the French capital during his early stages and Mestre has explained just how difficult he found it.

“Nobody knew he would leave because he didn’t tell anyone,” Mestre, who was in charge of Barcelona’s activity during that period, said. “He didn’t tell anyone.

“Then, he soon started to cry with regret and told us he wanted to return.”

Neymar has had a turbulent time at the Parc des Princes and it is thought he still wants to return to Spain.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have registered their interest in taking the 28-year-old back to La Liga.

But Mestre thinks some relationships will have to be mended if Neymar was to return to the Nou Camp.

“The players asked for him, but didn’t pressurise the club,” he said. “I came off badly in that.

“If he had come back and the club had benefitted because of it, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

“I’m not that proud. On sporting terms he could come back but on a series of conditions.

“Firstly, PSG have to agree, then he would have to withdraw his lawsuit and acknowledge that he was in the wrong and after that, all the birthday parties in Brazil would have to stop.

“There were players from the first team squad who were at a wedding with him but had no idea that he wanted to leave”.

Barcelona is currently dealing with it’s own internal problem after Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal came to blows last week.

Abidal criticised the players and was consequently called out by Messi on social media.

But Mestre does not believe the issue will soon be brushed under the carpet.

“I think Messi and Abidal know that what happened was bad,” he said.

”The last thing either of them would want would be to harm the club.”

Source: Published by express

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Esther areo
Esther areo
1 month ago

He should be allow to go back to Barcelona if he wish

Omenogor Lucky
Omenogor Lucky
1 month ago

Wow, this is really serious.

24 days ago

Nice update

Adeleke Tunde Ridwan
Adeleke Tunde Ridwan
24 days ago

When he left then,it came to me a shock ,it was so incredible .he didnt want to live under messi’s shoulder ,now what has he gained ? He should go back to barca anyways ,MSN will be back again