New WhatsApp dark mode wallpaper arriving on our phones very soon

techradar: Dark mode for WhatsApp has been a long time coming, but assets discovered in the latest Android beta suggest it might be arriving on our phones very soon.

It’s not possible to enable dark mode in the beta yet, but WABetaInfo has discovered a new dark wallpaper in the install files for WhatsApp Beta 2.19.327, which is likely to be one of the final assets necessary before it’s ready for testing and release.

The wallpaper features the same background pattern as the app’s current light gray background, but in a new color scheme.

We’ve already seen a dark teal wallpaper hidden in WhatsApp’s install files, but the new one is almost black, which supports the theory that the app will have not one, but two dark modes.

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Whether you’re interested in saving power, reducing screen glare, or just enjoying a cooler looking app, this latest development should come as welcome news.

If you want to be first to try the new dark modes when they’re released, sign up for the testing program and download the latest WhatsApp Beta. We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we know more, or any further dark mode assets appear.

Source: Published by techradar

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