rmx.news: According to Lhotan, European Muslims are trying to lead the public astray, but the facts are clear. Czech mosques may hide more radicals like imam Shehadeh, but Czech Islamists have been lobbying indirectly and away from the media attention, said Lhotan, adding that Kushnarenko’s current political aspirations finally show their hand. Even though he might just be provocative, it is a signal for Muslims in the Czech Republic.

If compared to former leader Alrawi, Kushnarenko is a hardline Salafist who accepts Bilal Philips’ words that political activity should precede violent actions. Elsewhere in Europe, every attempt of Muslims to form a political force failed. In Western Europe, Muslims prefer to have their representatives in traditional parties, explained Lhotan.

Lhotan rejects Kushnarenko’s propaganda. The facts are undeniable; a woman doesn’t have the same rights as a man in Islam, a woman has even less right now than in the pre-Islamic Arabia, he said. Let’s have Muhammad’s wife who was a merchant and married him against her family’s will, which wouldn’t be possible nowadays, he added.

Just because Kushnarenko is denouncing the so-called Islamic state now, it doesn’t mean he is against all forms of terrorism, only time will tell, said Lhotan. Samer Shehadeh, a former Muslim community leader who was arrested for supporting terrorism, did the same, not to mention that Shehadeh gave his share in a company controlling the Community to Kushnarenko. Shehadeh preached in many mosques in the country, he organized camps for Muslim children, spoke at Muslim congresses, etc., and Czech Muslim leaders had approved all that, said Lhotan.

Lhotan also criticized the Czech Security Information Service (BIS) for focusing on alleged Russian agents and school curricula instead of fighting Islamic extremism. BIS did nothing against Shehadeh, nor crack downs on the Slovak proselyte, he added. For example, Lhotan points out, a controversial book by Vladimir Sanka is banned in English prisons, while Czech authorities evaluated it as unobjectionable.

Source: rmx.news


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