October 14, 2019

Mother Killed Newborn Twins after giving Birth to them

A young mother who had killer her two newborn twins and hid their bodies at her home in Serbia in 2015 was sentenced to a year in prison, by a court in the Swiss city of Lucerne.

According to the Mirror U.K., the woman had bashed one of the babies against the wall and stuffed his body inside a teddy bear. Local media had reported that she hid the other child’s body in a laundry basket in the kitchen.

The woman, named only as Jelica S, reportedly decided to kill the children after she gave birth to them at her home. During the court hearing, she said that she had gone into labour when she was only seven months pregnant. She was alone when she went into labor and gave birth to the children inside the bathroom after getting some advice online.

“I do not remember today how I did it. I just remember lying in the bathtub and looking on the internet for what to do,” Jelica S reportedly said. “I was scared because he (the baby) did not scream properly.”

The woman said that after giving birth to the first child, she took him to the basement and hit him against a wall twice before throwing him to the ground. She then wrapped the baby inside a T-shirt and hid him inside a giant pink teddy bear. According to authorities, the baby had suffered multiple skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury.

“I just put him there. I do not know what went on in my head,” she said.

Almost 31 hours later, Jelica S delivered the second baby boy, again in the bath. She said that the second baby was a still born and she hid it in a laundry basket in the kitchen.

An expert told the court that if Jelica S had gone to hospital after the first birth, the second child might have survived. The court found Jelica S guilty of killing one of her twin boys deliberately while the other one had died through her negligence.

“The accused has two faces. She seems naive. In truth, she is tough and calculating,” prosecutors said, calling for her to be jailed for eight years. The court finally sentenced Jelica S to 12 months in prison and also handed her an additional suspended sentence of 22 months.

The court “estimates the factual culpability to the crime to be very high,” but on the other hand said it “subjectively was an emergency situation,” the judge said in the verdict.

A court psychiatrist also suggested Jelica S suffered from an “adjustment disorder with prolonged depressive reaction.” She gave birth to the children in December 2015 when she was just 20 years old. Jelica S’ family members learnt about the births, only after she collapsed and lost consciousness due to blood loss.

Source: ibtimes

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