Miley Cyrus and her Ex Liam Hemsworth are close door neighbors

cosmopolitan: It’s the spookiest story you’ll hear this Halloween: your ex moving in next door, and I mean next door, to you and your new partner, just months after your 10-year relationship came to an end.

I’ve got chills. But this is no ghost story, it’s the next instalment in the Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth saga, as Liam continues with renovations to the Malibu home next door to the one Miley and Cody Simpson now live in.

This whole real estate mess began in 2014 when Liam first bought the $6.8m home while he and Miley were on a break. Two years later and Miley bought the $2.5m ranch next door, before moving into Liam’s gaff when they got back together (which time? Who knows). The couple lived together in the huge Malibu estate for some years until in November 2018 a forest fire tore through the area, destroying theirs and other celebrities homes completely.


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Happy birthday to my sweet girl. You’re more precious than ever. So thankful to have you in my life. ❤️

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When the couple broke up, Miley moved into the ranch just up the road while Liam went to Australia to stay with family. Just recently, new fella, Cody moved in with Miley in her Malibu next door to the one she once shared with Liam. No biggie, that house is derelict right?

Well, not anymore. Liam has had an excavation permit approved and is currently in the process of renovating the mansion to be liveable in again, which is fair enough given that it is still his home. Only problem is, it is still literally next door to Miley and Cody.

Renovations have begun on Liams home (top and centre) while Miley and Cody live just next door (bottom left).

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Ogunleye Oladele Samuel
Ogunleye Oladele Samuel
13 days ago

Nothing bad to be a close door neighbor.

Aderibigbe Latifat Adeyinka
Aderibigbe Latifat Adeyinka
13 days ago

They may have feelings again.