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Meghan Markle’s Half Brother Cries out in Pains

graziadaily: Meghan Markle’s half brother Thomas has made a charming claim, saying that she’s only famous because of her estranged father – who ‘paid for her education and bought her fancy clothes’. Cue world’s biggest eye roll.

According to the Daily Mail, Thomas said, ‘I hope Meghan gets in contact but my dad needs to prepare himself for it never happening. She did not get in contact after his heart attack. But what she needs to remember is that she is only in Buckingham Palace with Harry because of her dad. He paid for her education and fancy clothes. He helped her become the exceptional woman she is and I beg her to recognise that.’

It was thought that Meghan’s dad, Thomas Snr, would walk her down the aisle at the wedding in 2018, but he pulled out due to a heart attack. After the wedding, he shared a personal letter she sent to him which was published by the Daily Mail (who are now being sued by the Duke and Duchess).

Notably, Thomas Jnr wasn’t invited to the pair’s wedding in May 2018. In the same month, he wrote an open letter telling Meghan to call off the upcoming nuptials, branding them a ‘fake fairy tale’. In fact, Meghan’s mother, Doria, was the only member of her family to attend their wedding.

Yesterday, Meghan phoned Labour MP Holly Lynch to thank her for the letter she wrote, which 72 female politicians signed. The MP for Halifax in West Yorkshire told ITV News yesterday that she was contacted by Buckingham Palace and asked if she was free to speak with the Duchess.

The Labour MP said, ‘She was calling to thank myself and other women MPs for standing with her, sending the open letter to say we as women in public office absolutely understand what she is going through. Although in very different public roles, we stand with her in solidarity to say we shouldn’t be tearing down women in public life through the press or otherwise, and she was pleased to have seen that letter.’

Source: Published by agraziadaily

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Omenogor Lucky
Omenogor Lucky
2 months ago

That’s really not great for him