Man’s Skull crushed as Elephant sits on him

sputniknews: A CCTV video has made it to the internet showing an elephant caretaker inadvertently crushed by the tusker, who was being bathed by him. Media reports say that the unfortunate man was named Arun Panicker, aged 40 years. He hailed from the south Indian state of Kerala.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Video may Offend Sensibilities.

Quoting the police, the media report said that Panicker on Sunday had ordered the elephant to lie down so that he could give the animal a bath. The tusker mistook his caretaker’s instructions and slumped to the ground on the side where Panicker was standing, sandwiching him between itself and the ground, thereby crushing him to death instantly.

In the video, another person was seen trying to get the animal to rise up so that Panicker could be retrieved and saved. As it turned out, it was too late for the caretaker, as his skull had been crushed.

The police informed that his body has been sent for autopsy.

Source: sputniknews

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1 month ago

What a pity. May his soul rest in peace

Hassan faruuq opeyemi
Hassan faruuq opeyemi
8 days ago

This is careless.