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How to make money on instagram

i believe everyone knows what instagram is all about. It is a place were you socialize with other people around the world, though instagram has gone beyond just socializing with others, people use it to make lots of money. But the question is how?


truth is, you don’t just start making money on instagram because you have signed up to instagram and now have an instagram account.

One thing you just put in mind is that, instagram is not like a website, youtube or a facebook page where you can monetize them with google adverts, so instagram is not monetized to show google ads, so you can’t make money automatically on instagram because you are posting content on your page.

To make money on instagram, you need alot of followers, i mean real and legit followers. Roughly 30-50k followers is a good start on instagram, before you have this kind of followers you need to handle your page properly with good content, majorly about what you do, like gymning instructor, blogger, actor, business, music, photography, videography etc.

Growing such followers on instagram doesn’t take just one year, it takes alot of hardwork to hit that milestone.


Now when you are able to get those number of followers, then you can be making money with that, the question is how?

With 30-50k followers, companies and individuals whom wants to promote their goods and services will contact you to make a content about their goods and services they want you to promote on your page which already has 30-50k people following it. Those people/followers whom see it on your page, and are interested on the goods or services, will then contact the company to purchase their goods and services, that’s how it goes, and that’s how you can continually make money on your instagram.


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