sabanews: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has addressed a stern warning to his Brazilian counterpart Javier Paulsonaro against any military intervention in Venezuela.

Maduro said in a speech to a crowd of young people “I can not ignore the threat of war and invasion, which Paulsonaro is talking about, threatening a military invasion of our country in violation of the Charter of the United Nations, international and humanitarian laws and cooperation agreements between Brazil and Venezuela for more than a century.

The Venezuelan people categorically reject the threat of war and military invasion by Paulsonaro.

Maduro added that his Brazilian counterpart was trying to imitate Hitler in his actions.

The Brazilian president confirmed in an interview that he was ready to decide whether or not his country would participate in the invasion of Venezuela, but after listening to the National Defense Council and the parliament, stressing the need to press sanctions on Venezuela rather than military intervention.

Source: Published by sabanews


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