January 29, 2020
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Love Not War: Two Best Friends Try to Fix Indo-Pakistani Crisis Online

sputniknews: At a time when nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan are flexing their muscles and fuelling fears of the first war between the two in almost fifty years, two UAE residents have made a little step toward stopping the hate train.

A viral Reddit post tells a short, warm-hearted story of two men, an Indian and a Pakistani, who claim to be best friends from Dubai.

They were pictured grinning wide, holding sheets of paper saying they do not hate each other despite coming from rival countries.

The two seek to prove that they’re not the only ones who want to spread the word of peace, and their message came home to many users, although a Reddit moderator admitted he had to clean up the comments because they were getting “a bit toxic”.

“We need more people like you guys,” wrote a user under the handle geebzor, adding, tongue-in-cheek, that “a good solid alien invasion could also do the trick” and probably unite the people.

“We Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are all 100 percent similar, just divided by borders, that’s all,” said another commenter.

A user under the nickname fartbartshart wrote: “As a Pakistani (living in England), from what I’ve heard none of the two countries populations actually want war — I mean, who wants to be at a risk of being decimated just so they can bomb the f**k out of the other country?”

This comes as long-running Indo-Pakistani tensions escalated this week, with the two countries claiming to have shot each other’s planes after India launched its first airstrike inside Pakistan since 1971.

As a reconciliatory step, Pakistani Prime Minister Khan announced on Thursday that Islamabad would release the Indian pilot who was captured by Pakistani forces following Wednesday’s aerial incident.

Source: sputniknews

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