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Why Some Ladies Remain Single at 40

There are lots of reasons why some ladies remain single even at the age of 40, as a matter of fact most ladies of our generation don’t take a man serious or better still don’t take relationship serious until they are close to the age of monopods stage.


A young, beautiful and vibrant single lady makes it totally impossible for a man to approach them, they give no access for a man through them, and yet they go back home in tears, complaining no man approaches them. Most of this ladies, when you are approaching them, the kind of wicked look they give to you and the kind of pride they wear at that moment makes you wonder, and naturally this kind of attitude just scares the good men away.

Men of this generation are sensitive enough to stay away from women with bad attitudes, there are lots of women in the world now than there are men, so the men tend to switch to others ladies once they observes some attitudes the cannot leave with.

i am not saying you need to pretend and hide who you are during a courtship with a man, but you need to figure out those things that make your home unbearable, most men are easy going people, especially when it comes to a woman controlling them. If you need your husband or your boyfriend to do something or to change from some habits, you need to go through his heart and not by showing attitude to get whatsoever thing you want from him.

Some rich class ladies, wouldn’t want to see a man below their class approaching them, i see that as a high level of pride. Most men have business ideas, they are not just empty. Some just don’t have the opportunity to place their hands in the cash flow. If a man whom is not upto your standard and he truly loves you, then probably you give him a chance instead of pushing him away.


Don’t remain single because of your attitudes, too much choices and specifications, getting a partner requires prayers, and not only relying on your own instincts.

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