October 14, 2019

Kourtney Kardashian shows off her flawless figure in a bikini

dailymail: Kourtney Kardashian showed off her bikini body in a stunning red two-piece during the 4th of July.

The 40 year old reality star shared a new snap from inside her massive walk-in closet, which comes days after she revealed on Poosh that she is back on the Keto diet.

The brunette beauty proclaimed that her body ‘never looked better’ than the last time she was on the Keto diet, two and a half years ago.

Kardashian was wearing a skimpy red two-piece bikini, while holding a pair of sunglasses and her phone.

She also tagged Emily Ratajkowski and her Inamorata Woman fashion brand, since the bikini came from her collection.

The Las Olas bikini Kardashian is seen wearing costs $75 for the top and $75 for the bottom on the Inamorata Woman website.

Kardashian took to her Poosh blog last week, to reveal that she is giving the Keto diet a try again, after her first try with the diet two and a half years ago for a two-month stint.

‘In my experience, I’ve found the best method to train my body to curb sugar cravings, burn fat, and kick-start weight loss is by sticking to a keto diet,’ she said.

She went on to explain that the keto diet is short for ketosis, the state your body is in when it switches from burning carbs to burning fat.

She added that her doctor put her on a keto diet for a ‘mental detox,’ after tests revealed she had, ‘high levels of mercury and lead’ in her system.

‘I had a really positive experience the last time around and wanted to restart my routine this summer,’ she added.

‘It’s definitely a more restrictive eating plan, but I found that once I knew the ground rules, I was very strict and really stuck to it.

Kourtney also broke down her keto meal plan, which starts with an avocado smoothie for breakfast.

For lunch is a, ‘protein-based chef salad with turkey, a base of mixed greens, and egg whites for lunch.’

And for dinner Kourtney alternates between either chicken or salmon, adding that she loves, ‘getting creative to substitute carbs.’

Source: Published by dailymail

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