metro: Kim Kardashian is showing off her wardrobe – which is really the most interesting part of her home. It’s really Ying and Yang with this reality TV star.

Where the rest of her house looks like it lacks life – or a soul – her wardrobe looks like it sucked the little life out of the entire place to steal the show. Over the last year, we have been gifted with glimpses of the 38-year-old’s home and it has left fans a little bit uncomfortable because of how … empty it looks.


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Fittings ✨

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But we think we have figured out why. Is it so that all the creative energy can go into Kim’s large walk-in-closet for her accessories? Approximately the size of an average London living room, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star stood smack in the middle of her closet in a picture posted to Instagram on Thursday.

Wearing a backless white dress for the shot, the mother of three simply captioned the post writing, ‘fittings’. Fans flocked to the comment section to gently encourage Kim to share her fashion items. ‘Wow. Dream closet. There’s no way you will use all those bags,’ said one fan. ‘I’ll dm you my address.’ We love the audacity. Another bargained and wrote: ‘Can i just get one bag, only one would change my life.’ But this has not distracted us from Kim’s bathroom, the same one we haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

From the stony, granite bathtub with extremely sharp edges that suggest this is not a place her children North, Saint and Chicago would ever dare to tread (we hope), to the random fixtures on the wall and the wooden floors, it’s a lot to digest.

We really can’t comprehend why anyone would opt for wooden floors in a wet room – sounds like a dangerous and soggy deathtrap to us.

And it’s like Kim doesn’t even realise the kind of soulless pit her bathroom is, as she shared a mirror selfie in February, simply captioning it: ‘Kinda missing blonde hair.’ Sorry? What about the fact your bathroom is ‘kinda missing’ emotion and character? And Kim’s followers agreed, proving that we don’t have to be well-seasoned interior designers to have an opinion on this because we have all used a bathroom at least once in our lives – we hope. ‘That bathroom is so depressing,’ one commented on the picture, as another, claiming to be a designer, got way too into things: ‘As a designer I have so many questions…don’t you get cold in the shower? Where is your shampoo? ‘Looks like real wood, but has to be tile, Where is the drain? Is it linear? Love the minimalist aesthetic, but trying to figure it out.’

We’ve seen other areas of Kim’s house before, which, to be frank, reminds us of cold hearts and horror movies. In fact, when people joked about Kanye West being in ‘the sunken place’, that void area of ‘living’ that was created by Jordan Peele in Get Out, Ye posted a bunch of pics of the empty hallways of his house in LA with Kim. He wrote: ‘Do this look like the sunken place’, as he Tweeted a photo of a long, concrete hallway with a lone chair at the end.

And then there was the time we were invited into their Calabasas home for Valentine’s Day when husband Kanye surprised Kim with a bunch of roses in individual glass vases, surrounded by a very famous Kenny G serenading her on the saxophone. As romantic as the moment was, almost nobody could get over the fact that the room had no furniture.

It’s possible that the furniture was moved out for the OTT display but we won’t be surprised if there wasn’t a sofa in sight before Kenny arrived. Now excuse us as we try to think of puppies and other warm things, to get over this cold museum of a home.

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