A man who was told he was kidnapped from hospital 55 years ago, and returned to his parents two years later – has discovered he’s not their son.

Paul Fronczak grew up with parents Dora and Chester in Chicago and was 10 years old when he stumbled upon old newspapers clipping revealing he had been abducted as a baby. Dora and Chester told Paul he was one day old when a woman dressed as a nurse snatched him from his mum’s arms in April 1964.

Dora and Chester Fronczak pleaded for the safe return of their son during a press conference on 30 April, 1964 (Picture: AP)

She told the family baby Paul needed a medical exam and then never returned him to the nursery – kicking off a bit national news story.

More than 175,000 postal workers, 200 officers and agents raided more than 600 homes in search for Paul, but were left clueless. Then, two years later a boy matching Paul’s description was found abandoned at a shopping centre in Newark, New Jersey. As it was the 1960s, the FBI had no way of checking that the child was in fact Paul – but still decided they had found him and returned the child to Dora and Chester.

               Paul Fronczak pictured with his daughter, Emma (Picture: Facebook)

The older he got, the more suspicious he grew, and added: ‘As I got older the questions in my head became more and more. I began to question if I was mum and dad’s. ‘I just didn’t look like my family or share the same interest as my brother Dave.

I loved rock music, motorbikes and my hair long a complete opposite to him.’ Paul went on to start his own family, and when asked about his family’s medical history, he decided it was time to find out the truth.

Paul’s novel The Foundling – The true story of a kidnapping, a family secret, and my search for the real me – is being turned into a film (Picture: Paul Joseph Fronczak)

He eventually convinced Dora and Chester to do a DNA test, which revealed that they were in fact not related.

He has since hired private detectives to find out the truth, and has realised he was born Jack Rosenthal and is six months older than he thought. It is believed that Paul and his siblings were neglected by their parents an ‘alcoholic mum’ and a ‘disturbed veteran’ father.

He is now dedicating his life to find Dora and Chester’s real son and his own biological twin sister, who went missing at the same time as him.



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