July 19, 2019

JavaScript is the most favorite language used among developers

A survey of over 70,000 developers from around the world reveals that 73 percent say they are proficient in JavaScript.

The study from hiring platform HackerRank shows JavaScript has replaced Java which took the top spot last year.

AngularJS has maintained its spot as the most popular framework year-on-year, though the number of developers reporting experience with React jumped notably to 25 percent in 2018 from 19 percent in 2017.

“Hiring and retaining skilled developers is critical for businesses everywhere. Recruiters and hiring managers need a deep understanding of who developers are, what they care about and what they want from their employers. For example, nearly half of developers view values misalignment as a deal breaker when considering a job opportunity,” says Vivek Ravisankar, co-founder and CEO of HackerRank. “We want to match every developer to the right job, and this data gives engineering teams a blueprint to find and keep the best developers for their roles.”

Among other findings are that tightened American immigration policies have directly impacted access to talent according to one in three managers. What’s more, 27 percent of developers from outside the US say that new policies have discouraged them or others they know from applying for jobs in the country.

From the developer’s angle applicants are most likely to be turned off by employers that don’t provide enough clarity around the role or where in the organization they will be placed (68 percent). Additionally, 49 percent of developers cite lack of values alignment and 14 percent say not enough diversity on the hiring panel as deal-breakers during the recruiting process.

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