Italy manager Roberto Mancini speaks out on the cancellation of the Euros

caughtoffside: Italy manager Roberto Mancini has claimed that his side can win the Euros, even if the competition is postponed until next year.

The country is currently on lockdown following the outbreak of the coronavirus, with all sporting events postponed for the foreseeable future.

Such a situation has cast heavy doubt over whether or not the Euros will be going ahead this summer, with there being a big uncertainty as to when the domestic leagues will be completed.

As quoted by Goal, the Italy manager has been speaking on the matter, stating: “If they postpone the tournament, we can win even in a year. The important thing is the health of everyone and that we can all return to the stadium and enjoy ourselves.”

Mancini’s priorities clearly lie with society as a whole, as opposed to the effects of the coronavirus on the footballing world.

Italy has, of course, been one of the nations that has been affected the most severely by the virus. He has also been reported in saying: “I don’t know how it will end. But there are more important things than Euro 2020, without a doubt. Seeing people die in these last few days is hurting us too much.”

The whole country finds themselves under strict living conditions, with the sporting calendar clearly being low down on the list of priorities.

After breezing through the qualifying stages though, winning ten out of ten, Italy will no doubt be one of the favourites heading into the tournament, no matter when the scheduled date.

Source: Published by caughtoffside

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Omenogor Lucky
Omenogor Lucky
12 days ago

That’s great for him, with the confidence of wine the Euro.m cup.

AREO Abiodun
AREO Abiodun
7 days ago

He speaks with confidence but I think proponing of this tournament is better