July 18, 2019
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Irvington Middle School Apologizes for Dress Code Sweater Incident

School officials have apologized to a 13-year-old student after calling her sweater inappropriate for the classroom.

On Jan. 30, eighth-grader Samantha Wilson was pulled out of her science class at Irvington Middle School in Irvington, New York. A teacher claimed her outfit violated the school dress code because it exposed her midriff and a bra strap.

“Today my 13-year-old sister, an eighth grader at Irvington Middle School, wore a sweater to school,” she wrote in the petition, which has garnered more than 800 signatures as of Feb. 11. “She was devastated about being called out, and missed an entire period of science (where a lab was taking place) to speak with the assistant principal about her ‘inappropriate dress.’ … The only lesson she learned today is that she needs to cover up her body, otherwise she will be pulled from class and humiliated.”


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