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I am a Working Miracle

Some are in this world like strangers that cannot partake in what they see others partaking in, most people wants to live a flamboyant life, drive nice cars, live in beautiful homes, eat right and healthy. But such people never get all those stuffs they always wish for. And this causes them depression, they often make bad choices under pressure, it is always as if they “SLEEP, WAKE UP and SUFFER” on a daily basis.

If you are in that category, then you are the one i am talking to, yes yes, you.

First of all, i want you to start by declaring that “i am a working miracle”. Yes, because you are whom you are by declaration from your mouth, our mouth is our God’s given weapon, so know how to use it properly to snatch yourself from lack, poverty, depression, etc.

There is a word that says, God only tame those whom he loves. You might be in this kind of situation, and you are confused.

Don’t be, God loves you, and he is always prepare you for the task for which he bore you to this earth to do, so if you don’t under-go what you are facing right now, you might be carried away by the things of this world, and never realize God’s given task and works for which you were born for.

It is good to have a good life on earth, it is good to be rich, as a matter of fact, God himself wants only good things for us, remember he died poor, so that we can become rich.

But what if the situation you are facing right about now is only a process, a formation, maybe God is building you for a higher purpose even greater than the achievements of this world. Earthly lifestyle, works are only a matter of duration, but Heavenly lifestyle, works are matters of God, which is eternal. When you stop seeing yourself as only a mortal man, and see yourself as God’s child whom is only here on Earth for the purpose of the assignments that matters to God, then you will be able to swallow those pains caused by earthly things.

start declaring to your life, that you are a working miracle, a child of God whom is only here on earth on a Heavenly and Godly assignments. Once you can pick up your cross to follow Christ, then every other earthly things will be settled automatically without you knowing or bargaining for it. Mathew 6:33, says “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and every other thing will be added unto you”

Are you here, and you are not born again? Remember; to born again, is to redeem your soul and be ready for the Heavenly Kingdom advancement, to accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. Say the prayer below:

“Father in the name of Jesus, i receive Jesus as my Lord and as my personal savior, i believe Jesus died, i believe he was buried, i believe that on the third day, he was raised from the dead. Everything that Jesus did, by his death, resurrection, and Ascension, i receive the gift of Eternal Life. I am BORN AGAIN. Thank you Father, in Jesus Name. Amen”


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