A Hungry child calls 911, then the police officers brought him pizza

nzherald: Police in Sanford, Florida, had a special delivery for a boy who called the emergency services.

In a classic case of “don’t try this at home”, police posted to Facebook about the 5-year-old boy who called emergency services because he was really, really hungry.

The boy, Manuel Beshara, called 911 on Friday and told the dispatcher on the other side of the line that he was hungry and wanted to order a pizza.

Police officers visited the home to do a welfare check on the boy.

It turned out that young Manuel was home with his 15-year-old sister, who had no idea he had called 911.

The officers explained to the boy what the emergency number really was for but then proceeded to order a pizza and deliver it to the boy.

On the Facebook post about the incident, police added the disclaimer: #dontcall911fordelivery.

Source: Published by nzherald

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