Gigantic Python nearly chokes an India man to Dead

sputniknews: In a terrifying moment, the sight of which could give you the shivers, an Indian man was nearly strangled by a massive python which measured more than 10 ft in length.

A man from the southern Indian city of Thiruvananthapuram, capital of the Indian state of Chinnai was rescued by locals from the deadly grip of a gigantic snake that coiled around his neck, almost choking the man.

The python was found by the labourers working on site when they spotted the snake on 17 October. The labourers, including 71-year-old Bhuvanachandran Nair, attempted to capture the python in a sack after alerting the Forest Department.

However, it managed to escape the clutches of the labourers and coiled itself around the neck of Nair.

Nair escaped death after locals struggled to rescue him. A video of the incident was captured on camera and had made its way onto the social media platforms.

Source: Published by sputniknews

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