Your Future is History with God

Do you know that God does not live in the preset of time? he already knows your end from your beginning, our lives is like a timeline in the sight of God.

Remember when God spoke to Abraham, saying: “Your name will no longer be Abram, but Abraham because i have made you a father of many nations”, Okay you can start imagining this, because at that time, Abraham had no child, so how comes, he is even a father? talk more of been a father of all nations?, and as a matter of fact it was from every indication, very impossible, as he was old and also his wife was barren.

This is because God see’s our end from the beginning, our future is history with God. The funny part was that Abraham began to address himself as a father of all nations, his friends where like: Where is even a child? But he kept claiming and pursuing his vision of God for his life.

The lingering question, what do we do to live in the right path and directions in accordance with God? The answer is, you have to see with eyes of your mind, you have to train your mindset, you need to connect spiritually with God at all times, do not rely in your thought, always rely on God.

Do you know what God was teaching Abraham, when he asked him to look the stars, and as the stars are many, so is his descendants will be, at that time, God was teaching Abraham not just to see with his limited eyes or mind, but with the eyes of his mindset.

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