calciomercato: After another big night in which Pablo Dybala was left on the bench for Juventus, it as appears as though his time in Turin is coming to an end.

Head coach Allegri will meet with the management between May and June to discuss the possibility of renewal or farewell because the current agreement between the coach and the clubs ends in 2020.

If Allegri decides to extend the contract, it is more than likely that Dybala will ask to leave because the relationship between the two now seems to be broken, as evidenced by the reaction of the Argentine after the change against Milan.

At the end of the season, it looks as though everyone will be watching Juve closely to see what happen, 100 million euros is said to be enough to prize the little jewel away from Turin.

As anticipated in recent days in the coming weeks there will be a meeting with the entourage of the player who wants technical guarantees to stay in Juventus, otherwise, Juve and Dybala will separate. What technical guarantees will the Argentine have? Mandzukic has renewed, Kean is on the launching pad and Ronaldo will start his second season with Juventus. How much will Max Allegri’s offensive tactics change next season to accommodate Dybala?

Source: Published by calciomercato


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