popsugar: We love a happy family moment on the red carpet. Stars so often bring their parents or children and even siblings as their dates to the biggest events of their lives. Emma Stone has brought her younger brother, Spencer, to award shows with her not once or twice but many times in the past decade.

Spencer, who always seems more than happy to join his sister at award shows and be her number one cheerleader, is no stranger to Hollywood. He’s done stunt work on movies like Divergent and Sharknado.

He also fancies himself a bit of a comedian, considering he told Emma if she won the Guys Choice Award for being hot and funny, she’d have to read an acceptance speech he wrote. And when she won, she got up on that stage and read: “Also if Mila Kunis is here, he will be backstage for the next 45 minutes.” Well done, Spencer.

Source: popsugar


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